Our guarantee

BodyFokus wants you to be completely satisfied with us. This is why we offer you a 365 days Money Back Guarantee, valid from the date when you bought your product from us.

Should you not be happy with our product, please tell us the reason why.


  • Please write an email with your request for a return to support@bodyfokus.com.
  • Please return unopened and empty containers. For legal and hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept already opened containers.
  • Please send the containers to the following address: Commercer Internet GmbH, Hauptstraße. 30 (Hinterhof), 57636 Sörth, Germany.
  • We recommend that you send the containers as an insured delivery and forward the tracking number of your delivery company to support@bodyfokus.com. This avoids delays and the disappearance of deliveries and you are insured at all times.
  • You cover the costs of returning the containers.
  • We can only accept empty containers if we can verify that a realistic and reasonable consumption of capsules has taken place. If you return an empty container 3 days after receiving it from us, we regret to say that we cannot accept it.
  • Please note that we only accept one opened container together with all other sealed containers as a complete package if you return a special package (for example with 3 or 6 containers). We want to treat you fairly and expect the same from you in return.

Special conditions apply to returning products from the BodyFokus loyalty programme. If you would like to use our Money Back Guarantee and return products to us that you have received in connection with the BodyFokus loyalty programme, this is only possible for the most recent delivery received through the loyalty programme.

Customers who do not initiate the return of their products following the procedure outlined above within 14 days after delivery lose the right to claim a refund.

In general, it takes approximately one week until the products have arrived in our warehouse and have been checked as a prerequisite for instructing the respective credit amount to be transferred. It can take up to 10 days to reverse the booking, depending on the original method of payment chosen by you.

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