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Information on our website

On our website, we provide general information around the theme of nutrition and about our products. We compile all information on our web pages with great care and update it on a regular basis. In spite of this diligent approach, some information may not always be up-to-date or may no longer apply. We reserve the right to change or amend the information on our website at any point in time without prior notice. Please note: In individual cases, the voices in the audio recordings and the video clips may differ from the original voices of the actual persons and the people behind the pseudonyms.

Information is not a medical advice

The information you can find on our web pages is not intended to be medical advice, nor should it be used to replace medical advice or being treated by a doctor. The information on these web pages is exclusively addressed to people in a good state of health. Anybody with medical problems needs to consult a doctor before using our information. Even if you do not have any known medical conditions, it is always advisable to see a doctor before you start with major changes in your lifestyle, a new workout programme or a change of your diet. Not all of us are in the medical profession or have a degree in nutritional science. All our recommendations are non-binding and to a large extent based on personal experience. It is very important that you apply greatest possible care when using the information given to you.

Personal responsibility

It is your own responsibility to seek medical advice from a doctor who can tell you whether and to what extent you can use the information on our web pages for your own purposes. You use all the information provided on our website at your own risk.


We do not assume any liability or guarantee that the information provided by us is up-to-date, correct and complete. We are not liable for any damages caused by using the information on our web pages or by using incorrect or incomplete information on our website, provided that we have not acted wilfully or with gross negligence. This does not apply to any damages arising from injuries to life, body or health or damages according to the German Product Liability Act.

How we sell our products

On our website, we provide information about our products. If you are interested in buying our products, we pass you on to the seller of our products, the AFFILIBANK marketplace. You can only purchase our products through AFFILIBANK. On our own web pages, you can only find information about our products.

Technical errors or problems

Should you encounter any technical errors or problems, please send an email to Please state the error, include a screenshot and provide a more detailed description of your observations. We are grateful if you help us to solve the problem!


Any copying of information or data for commercial purposes and particularly the commercial use of texts, text components or images require our prior consent. In spite of all careful checks of our contents, we do not assume any liability for the contents of references linked to from our website. The owners of the respective websites are solely responsible for the contents of websites we have linked to.

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